Financial Cosulting

With our experienced advisory team, we are able to deliver a wide range of legal and advisory services to our customers for developing most efficient strategies in doing business in Turkey’s changing and competitive environment.

Our suggestions focus on your strategic goals and consider whether you are a small-business entrepreneurial company or a local/international public company. We can determine and minimize potential risks while expanding your business opportunities by selecting the most advantageous and proper legal instruments.

Legal Services

• Company Establishment
• Execution of procedures of change in company statue, bylaw, name and address.
• Consultancy on Initial Public Offerings.
• Mediation, arbitration, and assistance in solving issues with the Capital Market Board, Tax Office and Trade Office.
• Obtaining foreign investment permits
• Tax case consultancy service.
• Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting.

Merger and Acquisition Consultancy Services

• Deal Identification.
• Screening, transition planning for Divestitures and Joint Ventures.
• Tax and Financial Planning.
• Valuation and Pension Plan Liabilities.

Advisory Services

• Cash and Asset Management
• Banking relations and assistance in credit negotiations.
• Consulting services for business succession in family companies
• Benchmarking Industry Trends
• Management Consultancy Services
• Human Resources Services

Audit & Fiscal Counsulting

Audit and Fiscal Consulting Services include financial reporting and independent audit operations for examining the accordance of financial statements and other corporate declarations- which are disclosed by the corporate management to the board of directors, shareholders and third parties- with Capital Market Legislation, International Financial Reporting Standards, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles on the basis of the Continuing Concern Principle.


  • Independent Audit Services
  • Special Purpose Reviews and Audit Reports
  • Examinations of the quality and effectiveness of the internal control system
  • Fiscal Analysis and Risk Profile Reports
  • Compliance Audit Services

Tax Consulting

With our long and deep experience we assist our clients in simplifying the frequent amendments and complexity of Turkish Tax Legislation by our consulting, informational and problem-solving services.

In highly globalizing world of today, the need for well recognition of tax liabilities requires companies to take professional assistance. With our experienced and expert team, we provide services on tax issues to assist our clients in remaining informed on latest changes in tax legislation and updating their fiscal strategies by counseling them in maximizing possible returns of these applications in recognition of their fiscal and tax liabilities.


  • Fiscal Certification
  • Consultancy
  • Investment Consulting For Foreign Investors
  • Personal Tax Consulting
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Foreign Staff Services

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