Chairman of the Board || Partner, Sworn-in CPA, Principal Auditor
Dr. Masum Turker: Founding Partner and Chief Responsible Auditor Masum Turker graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration and has been a Certified Public Accountant between 1971-1990 and a Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant since 1990. Since 1975, he has been working as an Independent Auditor and obtained his Independent Auditor License from CMB in 1988 and KGK in 2013. He was the President of TURMOB (Association of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants of Turkey) in 2008-2010, President of FCM (Federation of Mediterranean Countries Accountants) in 2004-2006 and 2016-2018, Member of the Board of Directors of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) in 2012-2017, and is a faculty member at various universities. He served as Istanbul MP in 1999-2002 and as Minister of State Responsible for Economy in 2002.


Chairman of the Board || Partner, Sworn-in CPA, Principal Auditor
Having worked in OR-MAM Consulting between 1971-1973 and in various transportation and metal industry companies as the senior manager and financial coordinator between 1973-1981, he was the founding partner and principal auditor in charge of Masum Turker Accounting Auditing and Fiscal Consulting LLC in 1981, Mehmet Turker has been the partner and vice president of TURKERLER since 1988. He has experience in international commerce, transportation, metal industry, chemical industry, maritime services, retailing, insurance services, finance, tourism, cement and textile sectors.


Vice - Chairman of the board || Partner, Sworn-in CPA, Principal Auditor
Ersin Sahin worked as senior manager in accounting and finance in companies from construction, broadcast and print media sectors. He became the founding partner of Masum Turker Accounting Auditing and Fiscal Consulting LLC in 1981. He is the partner and general manager of TURKERLER since 1991. He has work experience in construction, broadcast/print media, retailing, food, paper, textile, finance and insurance services sectors.


Member of the Board of the Directors || Partner, Sworn-in CPA, Principal Auditor
Levent Demirdağ worked as Trainer and Tax Auditor in Ministery of Finance and has been tax partner of TURKERLER since 2002. Demirdağ instructed at Kocaeli University and was a board member of the Basic Training and Probation Center of CPA’ s and Sworn-in CPA’s . With his deep experience in tax and training services in the profession, Demirdağ has been instructing at training programs of TURMOB and Istanbul Chamber of CPA’s.


Partner, Sworn-in CPA || Principal Auditor
Kayhan Armagan worked as financial analyst in Ziraat Bankasi Directorate, and then as Chief Tax Controller in Ministry of Finance till 1987. After working freelance for a year, he has become the tax partner of TURKERLER in 1990.

Nazım ÖZ

Certified Public ACCOUNTANT
He worked as Financial Affairs Directorate Financial General Coordinator in various companies in the private sector. In 1985, he started to work freelance. In 1990, he received the title of Certified Public Accountant. In the same year, he entered the Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant exams. He was the first CPA to win the Sworn-in CPA exam in Turkey. He started to work as a Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant as of 01/02/1991. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants for a while and still serves as a member of the Audit Board of the Chamber.


Training officer || Principal Auditor
Serpil Bostanci has been working in the company since her undergraduate years. Between 1988-1993 she worked as an auditor in Bilim Certified Public Accounting Company between where she then became partner. She is principal auditor and training manager and has been working in TURKERLER since 1993.